Why choose "AG Motors"?

Reliable partner

Clear. Solid. Correct. We keep our word and promises. If there is a problem, we will find a solution as soon as possible. We have the ambition to be the most trustworthy partner in the sector!

"AG Motors" experts

Our employees are car experts. Not just sellers. They know the details and are specialists in paperwork. In addition, we can help you in your own language. And you can count on having a personal contact.

Fast sales

Ensure that you can sell quickly at a good price. That's what AG Motors is all about. Our purchasing policy is based on that principle. A lot of our cars are already sold before they are published on our website, so get in touch now!

Detailed info

At AG Motors you never buy a pig in a poke! You are sure to get detailed information about your purchase. Technical details, lists of options, carbon emissions ... You immediately see everything about the cars. We make a photo of any kind of visible damage and you can immediately see it in the picture gallery.

From A to Z

It's simple. Either something is right. Or it is not. Half right does not exist. At AG Motors we find it simple: everything in order from A to Z. From the first contact up to the details of delivery.

Pickup or delivery

You can pick up your purchase at our office. If you wish, our transport controller will control the dispatching for you.

After-sales support

Our service goes further than pure selling. Our sales team and our administrative team are always ready for a smooth after-sales support.