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"LeasingAuto" gives you an opportunity to see and purchase cars straight from European leasing companies. In this website we show you just checked out in detail and qualitatively cars, for which we provide 1 years warranty. All our displayed car ads are real and now active. Every day this base is supplemented and replaced by hundreds of cars, but our experts, who has many years of experience, have chosen the best of the best, regarding to today's car market in Lithuania. We have over than 10 years experience in car business, so you could trust us in car delivering and preparing for explotation.

  • Choose your favourite car from our car list and contact with one of our specialist. Do not hesitate to contact, we could advice you on any matter of concern about cars.
  • After we discuss your concern questions, for the further cooperation we will sign preliminary sale and purchase contract, with which we ensure you that we will deliver an exact car what is shown on ads.
  • After we sign all required documents, we will organise car delivery procedure. Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks. If you decide to lease your car, during this time we could help you do all required paperwork.
  • When car arrives, we check it in detail in AG Motors service. We compare information what was given in primary car description and real car condition. If we find out that there is any disadvantages, which was not shown in primary description, we will take care of it for free. After checking the car in AG Motors service, we provide additional 1 year warranty.
  • We prepare car for usage completely: Chemical cleaning, polishing, technical inspection, car registration. All these services are included into the shown car price. Also we provide other services, about them you could know by contacting one of our specialists.
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